The first STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND took place in 2001…the festival offers a platform for diverse kinds of bands within the underground and beyond. The STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND is a pure scene festival...a festival made by fans for fans.

This page should answer most of your questions about the festival and will be continuously enhanced and modified. If any of your questions are not answered here, please check our forum for answers and post your questions there.
To get accredited please check out the instructions on the following page PRESS AND ACCREDITATION . Based on this we will decide about press- or foto-passes and contact you.
The campsite will be open from Wednesday 16:00 on. The concert area will open one hour before the first band plays, each day.
At the Stoned From The Underground the German Law for Protection of the Youth (JuSchG) applies. Children and adolescents up to 16 years of age get free entry. Besides of that the following rules apply:
Ages from 0 up to 12 years inclusively
Admittance to...
concert area: only with legal guardian
campsite: only with legal guardian
Ages from 13 up to 15 years inclusively
Admittance to...
concert area: with legal guardian or person having the care and custody of the child 
campsite: with legal guardian or person having the care and custody of the child
Ages from 16 up to 17 years inclusively
Admittance to...
concert area (after midnight): with legal guardian or person having the care and custody of the child
campsite (after midnight): with legal guardian or person having the care and custody of the child
Adolescents from 16 up to 17 years inclusively without legal guardian or person having the care and custody of the child have to leave the festival area (both concert area and campsite) before midnight.
Legal guardian
Legal guardian is a person that, according to the law, is in personal custody for the child. In most cases, the legal guardians are the parents.
Person having the care and custody of the child
This person can be any person of at least 18 years of age that has a written agreement from the legal guardian to take over care and custody of the child for the time of the festival. This document needs to be legally binding and signed. It has to be carried along all the time, including the personal ID. If the person in custody is controlled and cannot present the required documents, they might be sent off the festival area by the police, while the youth welfare office will be informed. Further, the journey home needs to be guaranteed for the child.
The legal guardians, who in most cases are the parents of the child, decide who can take over care and custody of the child, and to which extend. Anyone who takes over care and custody of a child should be aware of the responsibility taken. You can download the written agreement HERE .
In any case, the consumption of any kind of alcohol, including alcoholic mixed drinks, is strictly prohibited for persons under the age of 18.
The nearest airports are: „Airfurt“ (in Erfurt) , Altenburg and the international airports in Berlin and Leipzig .
The campsite can be accessed from Wednesday 16:00 on and needs to be left until Monday morning latest, as the campsite is agriculturally used area.
If you plan to arrive by train or bus, you can find a train and bus schedules HERE (only available in German – please check http://www.bahn.de for information…you can change the page language at the top). From the station Stotternheim you will find signs pointing to the festival. HERE you can get a map to the festival. The address that you can use for navigation devices is: Alperstedter See, Alperstedter Straße, 99195 Erfurt-Stotternheim.
You can take analog and digital compact cameras, as well as mobile phones with camers anywhere you like. However, on the concert area SLRs with changeable lenses, professional video cameras, audio tapes, mini disc recorders or similar devices are strictly prohibited for guests without an appropriate press pass.
As every year, camping and parking (amounting to 30 Euro) is included in the ticket price, so there are no additional costs for visitors of the festival.
There is enough space available for camping and parking and you’re able to park your car next to your tent. It is not possible to reserve camping space upfront.
Our crew members will instruct you to the campsite and be available if you might have any questions. Please follow their instructions, so everything runs smoothly and everyone gets his piece of space on the campsite.
Alternatively, you can camp (or park your bus) at the ThürKies Camping and enjoy amenities like power connection and shorter walking distances. All details, prices and means of booking can be found here: https://thuerkies-see-camping.de
You can find the next cash terminals in Stotternheim and of course in Erfurt.
Please be kind to security and crew members, as they’re doing a hard job and everybody wants to be treated correctly.
Dogs are not allowed on the concert area, but you can bring them to the campsite, provided that you keep an eye on them all the time and make sure, that they do not bother or even harm other guests! However, we strongly suggest you to leave your dogs at home, as it might get pretty loud on the campsite, which can be very stressful for animals.
...are allowed everywhere on the concert area and campsite.
As every year we will have a lot of different stands that sell beverages and food on the concert area. There will be a good variety available for carnivores, as well as for vegetarians, everything at fair prices. Therefore it’s not allowed to bring any food or drinks to the concert area. Only empty plastic cups or drinking-horns are allowed to bring to the concert area.
Of course, you can bring as much food and drinks to the campsite, as you like.
As it has proven itself over several years, we will again use our festival money, consisting of plastic chips. You have to buy this at an extra stand to pay with it at the food and drink court. We're doing this to reduce the time you have to wait for your drinks and food, as this will distribute the people waiting in a better way, so you can get your beer even faster. Of course, you can change your festival money back to real money at any time, so you won't have to keep any of it for nothing.
Naked flame is forbidden on the whole festival area! Charcoal barbecues, camping stoves and gas cookers are permitted, provided that they are used as designed. 
As every year, there will be apothecaries on and around the concert area. Please take care of yourself anyway and especially try to drink enough water, when it’s getting hot. Furthermore, you may want to bring some insect repellent, as we have quite a lot mosquitos and horse flies around the lake.
All children up to 16 years will get free entry. Visitors aged 17 years and older have to pay the normal price.
It’s not allowed to bring any glass bottles to the concert area (see „DRINKS AND FOOD“ above).
On the campsite, it’s allowed to bring glass bottles. However, (broken) bottles produce much more trash and especially effort when we have to pick it up afterwards. Therefore, we ask you to use cans and plastic bottles, wherever possible and we’re also happy if you take your glass bottles back with you, after the festival. When you only use returnable bottles, you will do us, as well as the nature, a big favor! Thanks! ?
If you want to miss the great atmosphere on the campsite and stay in a hotel or pension, can of course do that. HERE you can find a list of hotels and pensions near the festival.
You will get the latest information at the box office, where you can also pick up lost items.
The access to the lake next to the festival is public. If you want to go for a swim in the lake, you always do this at your own risk. Please be reasonable and don’t drink or do anything else that may affect your body or mind before you go into the water. We will have a lifeguard available, but he will not be able to watch over everybody at the same time, so please have an eye on each other.
If you find any (lost) items, please bring them to the box office. Therefore, this is also the first stop for anyone who has lost something. 
You can find mailboxes in Stotternheim and the next post office in Erfurt.
You can buy the merchandise of all bands, as well as from the festival itself, at the stands on the concert area. If you´ve missed buying merch at the Festival, you can do it here .
Of course, we know that festival camping and music belong together, but please consider your neighbors and turn your music down at night, so everyone can get some rest for the next day of rock’n’roll.
You can order one day tickets HERE before the festival. We will also have a limited number of tickets available at the box office. Camping and parking is of course included in the price of one day tickets.
If you’re only around for a short visit or don’t want to park your car next to your tent, we will also provide enough space to park your car elsewhere.
You can find the next pharmacy in Stotternheim or in Erfurt. 
To this day we didn’t have any issues with the police and they didn’t have any with us. The Thuringian police will help you with words and deeds, but will probably also check some cars/drivers for drugs and alcohol, so be sure to stay sober, when you drive!
If you like to bring power engines, please make sure that they are in sound condition and don’t spill oil or fuel! For each vehicle you’re allowed to bring up to 20 liter of fuel in a canister. Please consider your neighbors and don’t let your power engines run 24h a day, as most people need some rest at night…Thanks. :)
We do not tolerate any racist of fascistic ideas on the Stoned From The Underground! If you don’t like or understand this, please stay at home or you might get kicked out.
We will publish the running order in time before the festival, although it’s always subject to change. Just stop by and have a look from time to time to make sure, you are always up to date. You can find the latest version HERE .


We don't tolerate any form of sexism at the Stoned From The Underground. If someone touches the rear or different parts of other guests without permission, or conducts any other gender-discriminating acts within the festival area (incl. campground and beach), might face dismissal from the festival. We want to make sure that all guests can enjoy the festival without troubling with such things, no matter of which gender.
There will be a trailer with showers available, strictly separated for males and females.
The bands at the SFTU are often staying on the concert area or selling their merchandise at some stands…so keep your eyes open and be polite to get some autographs or to talk to the musicians.
Unfortunately sometimes things are stolen or get lost. To avoid this, please take your wallets, mobile phones and other valuables with you or lock them in your car, instead of leaving them within your tent.
We will have enough toilets and urinals available, which will be cleaned every morning. Further, we will have a few flush lavatories available next to the shower containers. Please be considerate of your fellow human beings and leave the toilets in the same condition as you have found them. Everyone has to use the toilet at least once in three days of festival and will be pretty happy if it’s clean. Thanks!
It is not allowed to trade any kind of goods, if not discussed with the organization of the festival. If you’re a merchant, please send your request to info@caligula666.de .
You can find the next train station in Erfurt. From there it should be no problem to get to Erfurt-Stotternheim. You can find the train schedule HERE (only available in German – please check http://www.bahn.de for information…you can change the page language at the top).
We will hand out trash bags at the box office, so there’s no reason for dropping cans and other garbage on the ground. Please help us to keep the trash on the concert area and especially on the campsite as low as possible, by buying returnable bottles and cans etc. It depends on you if we have to charge some deposit for the trash or raise the ticket price because of it in the future. Thanks!
We never had one of those on our festival and we definitely want to keep it that way. Anyone who hurts or threatens someone, damages things, or uses/carries weapons WILL BE KICKED OUT!
At the box office we will change the tear-off of your ticket against the festival wrist-band. It has to be shown to the security when asked for it, and you are not allowed to take it off during the festival. Guests staying at the ThürKies Camping will receive a separate wrist band that will allow them access to this area.
The festival takes place under any weather conditions. However, should the conditions present a threat to the life, health or well-being of attendants, personnel or artists, the Stoned From The Underground will be cancelled immediately. In this case, as well as when the festival is cancelled due to a force majeure, official order or court decision, or due to a threat through misbehavior of others or imminent escalations because of oversized gatherings, there is no right to refund and damage claim, unless the organizer could be accused of intent or culpable negligence.